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Is there a charge to deliver my new furniture?
For complete details, please contact your Mayfair representative.

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We will gladly set up a delivery date that best fits your schedule and ours, Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 4:00pm. We can only give you a general window for when to expect delivery. Morning deliveries are between 10:00am and Noon. Afternoon deliveries are between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. If necessary, we can have our drivers call you ahead of time so that you can meet them at your home.

How do I schedule delivery of my new furniture?
If you have purchased your new furniture off the showroom floor, arrangements may be made with your salesperson at that time. If it is a special order, we will contact you to schedule a delivery date when your complete order arrives at our warehouse.

What do I do to prepare for the arrival of my new furniture?
We ask that you have the area where your new furniture will be placed cleared and ready for your new arrival. Our delivery people are not responsible for moving any furniture that they are not currently delivering from our store. You are responsible for measuring doorways, staircases, ceiling height, etc. to ensure your new furniture can pass through. You are responsible for measuring rooms where your new furniture is to be placed. *Mayfair and its delivery people are not responsible for damage to walls, doors or doorways, ceilings, or existing furniture while delivering your new furniture.

Will your delivery people move or haul away my old furniture?
Our delivery people are only responsible for delivering your new furniture purchased from our store. For this reason, they do not move your old furniture to another room or out to the garage or street. We do not put old furniture on our truck with new furniture on its way to its new home. Therefore, our delivery people will not haul away your old furniture.

Paying For Your Purchase

How much of a deposit is required to order my furniture?
Mayfair requires at least a 50% deposit for all orders. The balance is due upon delivery or installation.

What form of payment do you take for my deposit/balance due?
Mayfair will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, cash, Mayfair Gift Certificates, and financing.


Who handles your financing?
We currently offer financing through Mohawk Industries and GE Capital.

I financed my purchase. Can I make payments to Mayfair?
No, unfortunately Mayfair cannot accept payments made to your finance account. When you open a Mohawk finance account you will receive a credit card to be used at Mayfair. About 30 days after your purchase date you will begin receiving monthly bills in the mail. Your payments should be made to the payment address on your bill.

Design Services

Does Mayfair offer an in-home design service?
Yes! Your Mayfair Design Consultant will be happy to come to your home and help you with all of your interior design dilemmas. We will help you with space planning, color selection, pattern combinations, and maximizing your space for functionality. There is a $250 non-refundable design fee which becomes part of your deposit when you make a furniture purchase of $1000 or more.

Special Orders

How long will my special order take to come in?
Special orders typically take a minimum of 8 weeks to arrive at our warehouse. Due to factory back orders and shipping services, Mayfair cannot be responsible for delays with your order. We will try to keep you informed as we become aware of any delays.

Are special orders more expensive than purchasing an item off the showroom floor?
All of our upholstered and casegood items are priced according to the cover or finish that it is shown in. In some cases, this means that your custom or special order may be more or less expensive than what is displayed in our showroom. Your Mayfair Design Consultant will price your custom or special order item individually based on your selection and the manufacturer’s current price list. In some cases, your special order item may be at a higher price than the identical floor model due to an increase in the manufacturer’s current price list or in-store clearance sale.

Do you require a deposit for special orders?
Mayfair requires at least a 50% deposit for special orders. The balance is due upon delivery or installation.

Availability of Floor Models

Are the floor models available for purchase or is everything special order?
Everything at Mayfair is available for purchase directly off the showroom floor and available for immediate delivery. There are some exceptions for on-going promotional items, however, we stock many of these in our warehouse.


Is that a real dog?
Yes she’s real, and no, she’s not for sale. Jewel is an 8 year old Blue Great Dane and a wonderfully friendly dog. She has been part of the Mayfair family since she was a pup and comes in every day with the store owner. She stays off the furniture, does not bother browsing customers, and always welcomes a good scratch on the back! Sorry, she does not work weekends.
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